The Modern Wine Cellar

The Evolution of the Modern Wine Cellar

Modern wine rooms have come a long way from the ancient caverns of Europe. Technology today being so energy conscious and computer centered leaves us with a plethora of options to consider when building a new, or renovating an existing wine room.

Obviously, without electricity in the caverns of Europe one had to carry a torch or candles to see their way through their wine choices. At that point in history wine cellars were simply storage, whereas today we enjoy our wine rooms as something more than serviceable. Today a wine cellar can be a focal point in your home or business where you gather to relax, or entertain.

With wine cellars evolving from the serviceable to the enjoyable the need for better lighting has grown over time. For years the only option was incandescent, but in recent years our options have grown.

Every wine connoisseur knows that ultraviolet rays from light sources can be detrimental to aging wine. Today’s emergence of LED lighting which does not emit ultraviolet energy is an excellent choice to consider when building a new wine room, and also advances of new LED lights have made renovating existing wine rooms with incandescent lighting easier, and more economical.

Today’s LED lighting can make a room as bright and as warmly lit as your tastes desire. They can add a bit of excitement to displaying your various wines and labels, while remaining energy efficient.